The creators and funders of this campaign include:

Genevieve Thiers, Executive Producer and tech trainer onRUN the series, CEO of NewFounders

Ana Breton, director and producer of RUN the series

Victoria Elena Nones, comedy trainer and producer of RUN the series

Kathryn Jones, Collective Agency

Christie Hefner, activist, winner, Champion Award NewFounders 2019

Rebecca Sive, author of Vote Her In: Your Guide to Electing Our First Woman President

Bushra Amiwala, School Board, Skokie IL

Faith Winter, Colorado State Senate District 24, campaign trainer, RUN the series

Wendy Heltzer, activist, fundraiser for Gillibrand for America

Sarah Perkins, Founder and CEO, DesignerShare

Anne Wedner, activist and CEO and Founder of Kent Road Strategies

Tracey Suppo, CEO and Founder, Book+Main

Megan Clasen, Digital Media Campaign Manager, Guide Creator of TechYourself

Beth Becker, Social Media and Campaign Expert, Guide Creator of Techyourself

Megan Park, Putting Women in their Place

Elisa Miller-Out, Chloe Capital

Moumita Ahmed, Activist and Field Trainer, RUN the series

Haley Bash, Red2Blue

Sayu Bhojwani, New American Leaders

Jamie Crain, Co-Founder, Doo Wah Doo

Deborah Jackson, CEO, Arrow Payments

Anne Moses, IGNITE International

Becky Carroll, C-Strategies LLC

Jovia Radix, Activist, Candidate for 45th NY City Council District

Marie Newman, candidate for Congress in the IL-03

Nancy Kohn, CEO, Just Cause Consulting

Diana Ganz, Co-Founder, The Groomsman Suit

Eileen Dordeck, Candidate

Stacy Ratner, Social Entrepreneur

Joan Esposito, Radio Host, WCPT Progressive Radio

Ellie Bahrmasel, Activist and Political Strategist

Marya Stark, Activist

Madeline DiNonno and the Geena Davis Institute for Gender in Media

Carol Evans, Founder & President Emeritus, Working Mother MediaCo-Founder, Executive Women 4 HerAthena Distinguished Fellow, Barnard

Jessica Thomas, Peoria County Auditor